nivri (nivri) wrote in reneefleming,

For the love of Bel Canto

I'm going to see Renee in concert in Oct. at the Lyric Opera here in Chicago. I've actually never heard her perform live, so I await, eagerly. I love the Opera, and this is my second season as a season subscriber to the Lyric Opera. I just went to this season's opening gala night, with Puccini's Turandot. It was absolutely stunning; highly recommend it.
I'd have to give credit to Maria Callas (of whome Renee is quite fond) for getting me into this crazy world of Opera. I first heard Callas about 4 years ago, downloading stuff from Napster when I was a sophomore in College (back when Napster was hot and free). As a tribute, I've painted a series of Maria Callas portraits. Since I don't want to be frivolous with my selection of subjects, I can't say Renee will be in my paintings, but maybe that could change.

Please visit my blog at as I'd like to share my work with my co-Opera fans. There's not much of a community for young adults (esp men) in their mid 20s who are into Opera as much as I am, so I thought this would be a good way to join, albeit a cyber, community.

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